To make a god cup of jasmine tea you will certainly need some tea leaves of high quality. But that’s not enough; you will need the right water and a little knowledge about right temperature and steeping time as well.

Given below are some instructions. Follow them and you will be able to prepare the best cup of jasmine tea for yourself.

Things you will need

Jasmine tea leaves (1 tbsp.)

Try to stick with loose-leaf tea as much as possible because tea bags might disappoint you. Tea bag contains broken leaves along with dust which affect tea’s flavor as well as aroma.
Moreover, the broken leaves tend to over-release tannins, increasing bitterness and astringency of the tea.

Jasmine Tea loose Leaves

Spring water (6 fl. Oz.)

Bottled spring water

Water is the foundation of your tea. So try to pick a high quality water to end with a high quality tea.

Don’t get amused by the term ‘quality of water’. It simply means, you should pick spring or fresh water that is low in alkalinity or free from chlorine.

Boiling pot and a thermometer

Jasmine teapot

Jasmine tea brews the best at 160oF – 180oF. You are therefore recommended to have a thermometer so that you can heat the water to the right point.

Don’t worry if you don’t have one. You can predict the right temperature by watching the bubbles. Your water is perfectly hot for preparing the jasmine tea when fish-eye bubbles (bubbles that appear after initial tiny bubbles) start to appear.


  1. Take a cup (6 fl. Oz.) of fresh water in a boiling pot
  2. Heat the water to 160oF – 180oF
  3. Add the tea leaves into the water
  4. Wait for 2-4 minutes for tea leaves to brew
  5. Enjoy the subtle taste and aroma of the tea and feel its soothing effect on taste bud as well as mind


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