Loaded with a number of bioactive components such as polyphenols, caffeine, vitamins and minerals, Oolong tea provides you with several health benefits.

Besides, it can be a perfect companion for you if you are looking forward to shed off that extra pounds from your body naturally.

How does oolong tea help you lose weight?

oolong tea for weight loss


Epigallocatechin (EGC), epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and epicatechin-3-gallate (ECG) are three most common antioxidants found in oolong tea. These antioxidants and caffeine synergistically work to boost your metabolism and increase the rate of fat oxidation in your body.

Antioxidants, in particular, removes free radicals and prevents body cells from being damaged. A healthy cell means a better functioning cell which can produce energy efficiently. In other words, cells are more capable of converting fats and sugars into energy.


A cup (8 fl. Oz.) of oolong tea contains approximately 37 mg of caffeine which is very less as compared to caffeine in coffee, sports drinks and other energy drinks. Yet the amount of caffeine in oolong tea is adequate to provide you with constant energy for a long time.

Caffeine, in association with EGCG, boosts thermogenesis in the body. Thermogenesis is a biochemical process in which heat is produced by burning of fat.

Also, caffeine has an anti-obesity property. It enhances lipolysis (process of conversion of lipids into free fatty cells and triglycerides into glycerol), preventing accumulation of fat, and hence, obesity. However, caffeine does not act upon hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL).


According to a group research conducted by Center for Human Nutrition, David Geffen School of Medicine and University of California, Los Angeles, polyphenols found in oolong tea helps in reducing body weight.

Polyphenols found in any tea, either green, black or oolong, helps in burning fats that are accumulated in body cells. They also block absorption of dietary fat and cholesterol by almost 50%, subsequently reducing visceral fat and subcutaneous fat, especially in waist and upper arms.

Best oolong types for weight loss

Varieties of oolong tea can be found in market. But not all of them might help you in losing weight. Some best oolong type that are weight loss friendly are

  • Monkey picked
  • Nonpareil Taiwan li Shan  
  • Tsui yu jade
  • Dong ding
  • Guang dong phoenix dan cong
  • Chinese

Oolong tea recipe for weight loss

preparing oolong tea

Recipe 1: Using oolong tea powder

  1. Take a cup of water at around 80oC–90oC
  2. Add a tablespoon of oolong tea powder into the water
  3. Steep for around 3 minutes.
  4. Strain your tea using a strainer
  5. Enjoy your tea

Recipe 2: Using oolong tea leaves

  1. Take a cup of water at around 90oC–100oC
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of tightly rolled oolong tea leaves or 2 tablespoon of loose leaves or 1 oolong tea bag into the cup
  3. Steep for 3 minutes
  4. Strain the tea using a strainer
  5. Enjoy your tea

Note: The brewed tea leaves can be used for more 2-3 times. You should however steep the leaves for longer time.

Recipe 3: Using oolong tea and green tea

  1. Take a cup of water at around 90oC–100oC
  2. Add a tablespoon of oolong tea leaves and a tablespoon of green tea leaves into the cup
  3. Steep for around 3 minutes
  4. Strain your tea
  5. Enjoy it

Tips you should remember

  1. Brew you tea leaves for not more than 3 minutes and in water not hotter than 100oC for maximum extraction of its benefits.
    Brewing tea leaves in water over 100oC and 10 minutes can lead to loss of essential components in the tea.
  2. Oolong tea is not a weight-loss miracle beverage. So do not overdose yourself with this tea in attempt to yield its benefits quickly.
    Consuming inappropriate amount of oolong tea might affect you adversely.
  3. Considering your food and exercising habit is really important for you to lose weight even when you drink oolong tea.
    Don’t expect a cup of tea to do everything for you.
  4. Oolong tea works the best when it is drank without any add-ins such as sugar, milk and other sweetening substances; they add calorie. However, adding few drops of lemon into your cup of oolong can be a refreshing experiment.  
  5. Avoid drinking oolong tea or at least consult your doctor before drinking it if you are pregnant or under any kind of medication.


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