Hojicha, also known as Houjicha, is produced from the Japanese green tea Bancha. Hojicha comes from the same plant like other green teas what makes it different is the process by which it is made.  

The main elements of Hojicha tea are tannin, theanine, caffeine and Vitamin C which provide a lot of health benefits.  Since it has significantly lower caffeine, some people prefer to drink Hojicha tea before bed to get sound sleep.

How is Hojicha green tea made?

Hojicha is harvested last in the season. It can also be prepared from sencha leaves which are harvested earlier in the season. Toasty and fried flavor of Hojicha suits best with sweet foods. The roasted amber tea produces an alluring nutty aroma.

How is Hojicha different from other teas?

All teas are different in standards and they all have different preparation method.

The flavor of Hojicha might be similar to coffee, yet it is much beneficial than any other green tea. It has somewhat nutty and creamy texture.

Unlike other green teas, the processing of Hojicha turns it into a decaffeinated beverage which and has a mild taste which makes it suitable for children as well as the elderly.

How to make Hojicha green tea?

Ingredients You’ll Need

  • A cup
  • A teaspoon of Hojicha tea
  • A cup of water
  • A tea pot


  1. Boil a cup of water using a tea pot at a temperature not exceeding 180°F.
  2. Keep a Hojicha leaf or a teaspoon of Hojicha tea in a cup.
  3. Pour water in the cup.
  4. Leave it for 2 - 3 minutes creating a rich texture.  You can notice how the lea leaves unfurl in your cup.
  5. Enjoy your hojicha!

Benefits of Hojicha green tea

Low Caffeine Content

The most beneficial property of hojicha is its negligible caffeine content. It has considerably lower amount of caffeine compared to other green teas.

Helps you Lose Weight

Like any other green tea, hojicha is packed with antioxidants that boosts metabolism in your body. Regular intake of hojicha will help you shed extra fat, especially in the abdomen.

Lowers Cholesterol

The catechins found in hojicha green tea can help you lower your cholesterol level naturally. It has been established that catechins in green teas can be influential in reducing bad cholesterol levels.



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