Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis plant with minimal or no oxidation during processing, and it is considered one of the healthiest beverage in the world.

Along with its numerous health benefits, green tea also helps to treat acne. It contains EGCG, a powerful antioxidant, which helps to reduce acne. It fights off all the basic causes of acne such as insulin conflict, inflammation as well as hormone imbalance.

To reduce acne, you can use green tea in two different ways:

  1. as a drink
  2. use externally as a lotion or face-pack.

Benefits of green tea in acne treatment

Maintains Insulin-like growth factor

A protein named IGF-1(Insulin-like growth factor), found in skin pores, is the prime reason for increment of acne. EGCG helps in rinsing off protein IGF-1 from the skin pores and keeps acne in check.

Reduces Inflammatory Response

People with acne are likely to have clearly strong inflammatory reactions to bacteria living in the skin pores. Green tea includes the elements that can reduce the inflammatory response to acne caused by the bacteria.

Excess levels of IGF-1 in your body make your skin drain more oil. This produces a large number of skin cells in the skin pores. The pores get jammed and consequently cause inflammation.

Studies have proved that green tea maintains the IGF-1 level which reduces inflammatory response.

Maintains Blood sugar

Maintaining the level of blood sugar is very much essential to keep your body healthy. A balanced blood sugar level also prevents acne. A research conducted among more than 1584 people discovered that EGCG found in green tea can drastically decrease the level of fasting blood sugar.

Acne victims are likely to be rather insulin-resistant which leads to certain problems of skin like- oil production in more amount, clogged up skin pores, inflammation, as well as swelling. To get rid of these problems, just start taking green tea which perks up insulin resistance.

Reduces Candida Infections

Constant Candida infections not just cause acne but different kinds of problems including a weak immune system and gut problems. EGCG found in green tea prevents Candida (a type of yeast which causes fungal infections) from forming a biofilm (any group of microorganisms in which cells stick to each other on a surface) on skin that causes infections.

Reduces Oil Secretion on Skin

Over production of oil (sebum) is a trouble for all those who have problems related to acne. Regular consumption of green tea can trim down excess production of oil. Research has discovered that green tea cream can reduce oil secretion by 70% within 8 weeks.

Side effects of green tea

There are, however, some side effects of green tea such as:

  1. components derived from plants that can cause allergic response
  2. common side effects linked with caffeine present in green tea like dizziness, loss of appetite, insomnia, and irritability.

You may try to reduce one health problem and another may crop up. Before you apply or drink green tea, you should discuss with your dermatologist to make sure if it is the right choice for you.

Most experts recommend drinking green tea from two to ten cups every day.

A typical quantity is to drink green tea three times a day to get 80% of total polyphenols and 50% of ECGC. Yet, there is no substantial research that provides perfect dose of green tea that human body requires to get rid of certain skin problems including acne.

The following researches show, why green tea is more effective than other teas.

  1. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, the ECGC compound, which is amongst the most effective Catechin composite found in green tea, relieves skin inflammation. [1]
  2. According to US National Library of Medicine, acne was reduced by 58.33% after 6 weeks of treatment with 2% green tea lotion. [2]
  3. In a research, 20 volunteers used 2% green tea cream on their skins two times in a day for 6 weeks. It was found that the average figure of acne problem decreased by more than half in every research participants. [3]
  4. 3% green tea mixture on skin with excess production of oils in males for 8 weeks confirmed that green tea is ideal for different skin disorders including acne. [4]
  5. In an experiment, green tea cream reduced acne in 8 weeks while an antibiotic cream took 12 weeks to cure acne. [5]
  6. A study has also discovered that 3% green tea cream is as effective as 4% benzoyl peroxide in healing acne. [6]


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