Green tea doesn't contain as much caffeine as coffee but enough to produce an effect. A lot of people in this world at present are addicted to caffeine through coffee or tea. Reasonable amounts of caffeine may present health benefits while large amount may have some side effects.

Green Tea Types and amount of caffeine in it

Chinese Green Tea

Chinese Green Tea Amount
Gunpowder Green Tea 35-40 mg/8 oz serving
Pi Lo Chun 25-30 mg/8 oz serving
Long Jing 14 to 50 mg/8 oz serving
Tian Mu Qing Ding 25-30 mg/8 oz serving
Kai Hua Long Ding 35-40 mg/8 oz serving
Hou Kui Approximately 40 mg/8 oz serving
Hyson Lucky Dragon low compared to above teas

Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea Amount


0.02 per 100 gm
Gyokuro 0.16 per 100 gm
​Hojicha 0.02 per 100 gm
Bancha 0.01 per 100 gm
Kukicha 25-30 mg/8 oz serving
Matcha 70mg per 8 oz cup

Other green Teas

Other green Teas Amount
Fukamushi Sencha moderate
Tencha low
Moroccan mint Green Tea Half the caffeine amount in black tea
Jasmine Green Tea Around 58 mg

A cup of coffee contains 100- 150 mg of caffeine while a cup of green tea comprises only around 25 mg of caffeine. So, just replace your daily cups of coffee by green tea; it will lessen the caffeine level by roughly 70%.

Benefits of caffeine present in green tea

Helps in weight loss

Caffeine is known to increase rate of metabolism. Besides, it also promotes fat oxidation and prevents accumulation of fat.Thus, consuming  green tea regularly helps you in getting rid of those extra weights effectively. [1]

Improves brain functions

Caffeine in green tea is lower as compared to caffeine in coffee. Moreover, green tea has a special component called l-theanine (missing in coffee) which is known for its anti-anxiety properties.

Caffeine helps in stimulating brain functions and l-theanine prevents any kind of hype or anxiety by reducing mental as well as physical stress. Overall, these compounds work together to improve brain function, mood and concentration ability. [2]

Relief from headaches

The quantity of caffeine comprised in green tea assists in contraction of blood vessels. This is a reason why drinking green tea may help get relief from headaches. [3]

Reduces the risk of kidney stone

Caffeine has diuretic property, which means caffeine causes increased passing of urine. As a result, consuming green tea might help you in preventing and curing (to some extent) kidney stone. [4]

Side effects of caffeine in green tea

Although green tea is packed with numerous benefits, it can have adverse effect on your health when consumed in inappropriate amount. 

Individual who is pregnant, trying to conceive, suffering from anxiety or depression or under any kind of medication should avoid consuming green tea along with other caffeinated drinks. 



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