Our daily lives - places we go, food we eat, the environment we are exposed to, somehow are depositing toxins in our body. According to Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit organization, a newborn has 287 types of toxins in them.

Now imagine, how much toxin you are carrying around. And when these toxins pile up, they invite trouble - insomnia, mood disorders, allergies, digestive diseases, heart diseases and even cancer.

So, you probably want to wash yourself clean from these toxins and detoxify. The first step to that can be - drinking green tea.

How does green tea detox your body?

Detox is one of the many benefits of green tea. Green tea has the ability to regulate the body's detox system i.e liver. Loaded with polyphenols that has powerful antioxidant activity, it fights against free radicals that harms healthy cells and provides you with several other benefits as well. 

How to drink green tea to detox?

Green tea to detox

If you are wondering how to detox, it's not that hard. All you need to do is make a habit of drinking tea. But, be sure to use only organic and natural green tea.

Below is the timetable to help you schedule your daily dose of detox.


For any medicine to work, you need to take it on time and complete the dosage. It's the same with green tea and detoxification process.

In the morning - It is advised not to drink green tea on an empty stomach as it may cause stomach upsets and gastritis due to the alkaline nature of the tea. So, as soon as you wake take some light breakfast. Drink the tea half an hour after you've finished your breakfast.

During day - You can choose to drink tea every time you get thirsty. The best time to drink would be in-between meals.

Before bed- Drink a cup of green tea an hour before going to bed. You should probably not drink more before bed, as the caffeine in green tea might keep you awake.

Caution: Green tea is great. However, there are some things to consider before you start drinking green tea.

Only drinking green tea will not help you with detoxification. You need to change your unhealthy lifestyle to see notable transformation in your health.

Drinking plain green tea could be boring and you might want to stop at some point. So, to keep yourself interested,  you can also try these green tea recipes.



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