There are several health benefits of drinking green tea. It helps to prevent diabetes, reduces the risk of cancer, helps to lose weight, lowers the chance of heart disease and so on.

It does have specific benefits for men as well.

Green Tea Benefits of Men

Boosts Energy

Green tea boosts thermogenesis, the biochemical process of heat production in our bodies. It means that when fat is burned, more energy is released. Research carried out on young men revealed that their 24 hour energy expenditure increased by 4% when they ingested green tea extract.

Lowers risk of obesity

A number of studies have suggested that catechins found in green tea help in losing and maintaining weight. Green tea considerably lowers the risk of obesity by shedding abdominal fat.
It has been found that men who consumed green tea dropped 5.3 lbs after 12 weeks of regular green tea intake.

Lowers cholesterol

Green tea contains the elements that can lower cholesterol levels, especially among men. Men who consume green tea have significantly lower harmful cholesterol level than those who do not consume it.

Reduces gums diseases

The polyphenols in green tea prevent growth of periodontal pathogens, preventing gum diseases. In a study conducted in Japan among 940 men, it was discovered that men who habitually consumed green tea had less occurrence of gum diseases.
Researchers consider it may be because of inflammation reducing antioxidants.

Reduces risk of cancer

Men who drink green tea have reduced risk of pancreas, mouth, prostate and colon cancer. Polyphenolic antioxidants found in green tea might delay prostate cancer.
Research suggesting reduced risk of lung cancer has also been published.

Promotes longer life

Green tea drinkers have reduced risk of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity and cardiovascular disease which suggests that green tea helps you live longer.



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