Owing to its several health benefits, from weight loss to glowing skin, green tea is considered a super food.

Green tea is often experimented with many different add-ins to maximize its benefits. One of such add-ins is lemon, which when added to green tea can provide many health benefits.

Raw lemon juice is rich in folate, potassium and Vitamin C. In fact, a cup of raw lemon juice can give you 187% of your daily Vitamin C intake.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider adding lemon to your green tea.

Weight loss and maintenance

Both green tea and lemon have been associated with weight loss.

EGCG, the most useful catechin found in green tea, can help you shed that extra weight naturally. It teams up with other green tea catechins to boost your metabolism by increasing the thermogenic activity in your body. 

Due to the boost in your metabolism, your body burns fat more easily which results in weight loss. [1]

In case of lemon, it is rich in polyphenol as well as pectin. Both these compounds work together to decrease absorption of fat and act as fat blocker. Pectin also makes you feel full and naturally limit your food intake. [2]

Improves catechin absorption

Catechin in green tea has large number of benefits such as weight loss, cancer prevention, healthy skin etc. The acidic content in lemon helps to break down the catechins, thus increasing the amount of catechin absorption. [3]

Boosts energy

The caffeine in green tea provides a much needed energy boost. The energy in green tea is slowly absorbed into the body, keeping us energized for longer hours. [4]

It has been found that adding lemon juice into the green tea helps in increasing the availability of catechin, thus resulting in increased fat oxidation and improved metabolism. [5]

Improves skin complexion

Green tea is beneficial for skin. It helps to improve your skin complexion, prevents acne and make your skin look young. And when you pair this tea with lemon, the properties are just exaggerated.

Like green tea, lemon juice also helps in controlling oil production in skin, giving you oil free and acne free skin. 

Helps in development and repair of body tissues

Vitamin C present in lemon is vital for development and repair of body tissues. Its benefits include protection and repair of skin, blood vessels, bones, ligament, cartilage and teeth. [6]

Effective to maintain blood pressure

Drinking green tea is an easy approach to maintain your blood pressure as it is a source of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a bioactive compound that helps in regulating proper flow of blood through veins. 

Lemon is another food that is effective in maintaining blood pressure and heart health. Therefore, consuming green tea with lemon helps you in keeping your heart healthy and protected from any kind of cardiovascular diseases. [7, 8]

Improves taste

Green tea, when paired with lemon juice tastes better, as lemon juice acts as a sweetening agent. Just be careful to not pour too much lemon juice. 



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