Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages existing on earth that offers numerous health benefits. White tea also comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. The difference is that, once the leaves and buds are plucked, it is simply withered and then dried. Cases with Green Tea might be a bit different because it has many types and can be prepared with diverse methods.

Specifically, green tea holds a bit more processes for preparation as compared to white tea. White tea is condensed quickly and then dried up whereas green tea is steamed, burnt and then rolled.

Fact Sheet of green and white tea

In America, about 84% of people consume black tea, 15% consumed green tea, and remaining percent consume white, oolong, and dark tea.


Contents\Tea Green Tea White tea
Caffeine 35 to 70 mg per cup 30 to 55 mg per cup
Catechin 21.38 to 228.20 mg 14.40 to 369.60 mg
Methanol Extracts 32.23 to 141.24 mg/g 47.16 to 163.94 mg

Similarities between green tea and white tea

Green Tea White Tea
  • Aids in regulating glucose level suspending the rise of blood sugar after mealtime.
  • It cannot be called as a genuine treatment but a natural gift for re-establishing constancy in a human body.
  • It relieves patient from excessive thirst (polydipsia).
  • It is also believed that consumption of white tea can help in maintaining glucose level and increasing insulin secretion.
Improves Brain Function
  • Green tea contains around 20g of caffeine which helps to improve brain function including memory, energy levels, mood and more.
  • The same caffeine also helps in fat burning boosting metabolic rate.
  • White tea that has around 15g caffeine which is lower than green tea and other brews that are highly caffeinated. Yet it is powerful enough to give you energy and more attentive power letting your brain function properly.
Weight management
  • Green Tea can increase the metabolic quantity in the short period which helps in losing weight. The finishing result is that the fat cells burn and involves in the circulation making it cooler to become available for use as energy by cells.
  • White tea is similar to green tea in most of the way. In that manner, weight management is one of the features of white tea as well. It has been found that white tea stops fat cells from developing and helps in the burning of extra fat.
Cures Cancer
  • Cancer is one of the prime reasons of death. But countries where the ingestion of green tea is high, cancer rates are less. It is caused by useless development of cells in the body. 
  • Antioxidants and polyphenols present in green tea are the compounds that help to prevent cancer. Researchers have found out that green tea leads to positive result on different types of cancer.
  • White tea contains highest levels of antioxidants and polyphenols writes lead Gayle. A. Orner, PhD, a researcher with the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University.
  • Her research also proved that it prevents colon cancer. one need to drink three mugs of white tea every day.
Skin benefits
  • Green tea works by reducing inflammation and free radicals. Not just wrinkles and aging, it also helps in sun damage if taken in an appropriate amount.
  • The same anti inflammatory compounds helps to reduce the growth of unhappiness as well as depression.
  • The anti-oxidant in white tea reduces skin damage and builds up the ability to heal them as well. It is believed that people with clear skin have more anti-oxidant level than people with acne. Green tea can be one of the factors for uplifting anti-oxidant level.
Healthy heart
  • Green Tea is one of the aspects for dropping down the probabilities of heart problems. Researchers believe that green tea works on the layer of blood vessels assisting them to stay calm.
  • It also controls the progress of clots, which in fact is one of the major reasons for heart attacks.
  • White tea helps in protecting your heart and the whole circulation system by maintaining cholesterol level, triglyceride level, etc. Study shows that people who drink white tea daily have lesser chances of having a heart attack.
  • White Tea is one of the products that contain flavonoids which help in maintaining blood pressure. It is also associated with decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disorders.
Good oral health
  • Investigators believe the chemicals in green tea such as catechins help people keep their teeth healthy. It can kill the bacteria related with gums disease and tooth decay.
  • White tea also gives you healthy white teeth and takes care of your gums. According to Dental Research Journal, flavonoids and polyphenols, especially catechins found in white tea have showed positive effects on fighting with plaque bacteria.

Differences between green and white tea

White tea

  • White tea is prepared from unopened bud and very young leaves. Since white tea is prepared from immature leaves, it has to be hand-picked during some initial days of early spring. So, it actually needs to be carefully handled.
  • It tends to be more costly than green tea.
  • White tea is less processed.
  • White tea is unfermented and just steamed and dried.
  • It appears smooth and silky.

Green tea

  • Green tea is made up of somewhat more developed leaves.
  • Comparatively, it is cheaper than white tea.
  • It undergoes more process than white tea.
  • Quite the reverse, green tea is a little more fermented, yet not as much as black tea.
  • It is light green in color. Some may also have light brown or light yellow color.

Which is tastier: green or white tea?

According to what people believe, white tea tastes much better than green tea. Green tea being unfermented is generally grassy in taste. On the other hand, white tea is prepared after it completely dries. So, it has pleasant taste.

Which is healthier: green or white tea?

If you are considering for tea that tastes good, then its white tea. However, if you are in search for more health benefits, then you may go for green tea.



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