Chamomile tea is an herbal tea made from dried chamomile flowers. Matricaris retutica (German chamomile) and Chamaemelum nobile (Roman chamomile) are two popularly used species of chamomile to make this tea.

Chamomile offers various health and beauty benefits. That's why chamomile preparations have been used for centuries as a traditional medicine. The apigenin, alpha-bisabolol, sesquiterpenes, terpenoids, flavonoids and several other compounds contained in the dried chamomile give the flower its medical properties.

Chamomile for anxiety

Chamomile is known to be effective in treating different ailments like muscle cramps, cold, abscesses, hemorrhoids, acne, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, chicken pox and even ulcer.

Chamomile tea has subtle taste and aroma which helps you in relaxing with every sip you take in. The tea indeed has potential evidence supporting the effectiveness of chamomile in relieving general anxiety and even clinical depression.

Chamomile tea relaxes blood vessels

Hydroxylates like apigenin, luteolin and bisabolol are primary constituents of chamomile, all of which sooth and calm blood vessels and muscle fibers. It was confirmed by a recent study conducted at the University of Nottingham Medical School, UK.

Another study conducted at the Eulji University Hospital, South Korea also made the same conclusion. This study was conducted on a group of 56 patients undergoing coronary treatment and surgery. A group of participants were given aromatherapy with a mixture of chamomile, neroli and lavender, while the other group was limited to only nursing care.

Significant reduction in anxiety was noticed in the participants who received aromatherapy as compared to those who received nursing care only.

Chamomile tea helps to sleep better

Woman sleeping in the bed

Apigenin and flavonoids in chamomile also act as mild tranquilizer and sleep inducer. Its sedative effect is one of the natural ways of treating insomnia without side effects. Moreover, chamomile tea does not contain caffeine. So drinking it before bed would help you in getting sound sleep rather than jittery effects.

From the aforementioned study, conducted at the Eulji University Hospital, it was found that participants who received aromatherapy also had improved sleep. Learn more on how chamomile tea helps to sleep better.

Evidence on benefits of Chamomile tea for Anxiety

The anti-anxiety and anti-depressive properties of chamomile have been supported by a clinical study. It was conducted at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 2009.

The study was double-blinded placebo controlled which enrolled 57 people – 19 people with anxiety and depression, 16 people with a history of anxiety and depression and 22 people with no anxiety or depression at present or in past.

During the study that lasted for 8 weeks, a group of random participants received 220 mg of chamomile extract (containing 1.2% apigenin) while the other group was given a placebo, both in forms of capsule. The subjects were given 1 capsule during the first week, 2 capsules during the second week, 3 capsules the third week, 4 the fourth, and 5 for rest of the weeks.

At the end of the study, it was found that score of Hamilton Anxiety Rating (HAM-A) [a technique used to determine level of anxiety through questionnaires] was significantly low in the chamomile group. To be precise, the HAM-A score reduced by over 50% in 57% of the participants of chamomile group.

Three years later, in late 2013, the research was re-investigated by the researchers at University of Pennsylvania. It was concluded at this point that using chamomile as anti-anxiety product was clinically meaningful.

Non-medicinal benefits of drinking chamomile tea

Woman drinking chamomile tea

Drinking tea is an obvious excuse to drink more fluid. As a direct impact, your body remains hydrated and prevents worsening of anxiety symptoms.

On the other hand, tea drinking is a calm activity; it demands patience in the tea drinker. So it is a good opportunity for you to sit back and allow your mind and body to relax whenever you are holding your cup of tea.

Expecting a cup of tea to do all the magic for you would be something foolish. But, try considering other factors of your lifestyle, consult with your health experts and then feel the changes that the chamomile tea brings in your anxious life with very less or no use of any medicinal drugs.



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