German chamomile is one of the two species of chamomile which is used to make chamomile tea. If you’ve heard of wild chamomile or scented mayweed, then you’ve heard of German chamomile. Its scientific name is Matricaria chamomilla and is also known to some as Italian camomilla or Hungarian chamomile.

Unlike its counterpart, Roman chamomile, German chamomile is an annual plant. It can be found all over Europe and in temperate regions of Asia, North America and Australia.

How to Make German Chamomile Tea?

A cup of german chamomile tea

German chamomile tea is really easy to make. All you have to do is infuse dried chamomile flowers with hot water and voila! Your hot German chamomile tea is ready to serve.

Things You’ll Need

  • 2-3 tsps of dried German chamomile flowers
  • Hot water
  • A small sieve/strainer


  1. Put the dried flowers into a cup.
  2. Pour hot water into the cup.
  3. Let the flowers infuse for about 3 minutes.
  4. Using a sieve/strainer, strain the tea into another cup.
  5. Add honey or lemon juice to taste.

Enjoy your German chamomile tea!

People have been familiar with the medicinal potential of chamomile for centuries now. In traditional herbal medicine, German chamomile has been used to cure several health problems such as upset stomach, eczema, inflammation, ulcers, colic and burns. Its essential oils are used in aromatherapy, hair care and cosmetics.

German chamomile contains terpenoids and flavonoids which give it its medicinal properties. The essential oil extracted from its flowers are rich in alpha-biabolol and azulenes.

Health Benefits of German Chamomile

Health Benefits of Chamomile tea

Alleviates Digestive Problems

German chamomile extracts are used to treat indigestion, stomach cramps, irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis and diarrhea. Chamomile is useful in soothing the muscles of the intestines, thus helping in digestion.

Helps with Insomnia

German chamomile can help you fall asleep as it acts as a mild sedative. This is because of the flavonoid called apigenin which is known to have sedative effects.

Relieves Anxiety

Chamomile has also been linked to anxiety. It has been used to relieve generalized anxiety disorder. Research suggests that extracts of German chamomile can be useful in the treatment of mild to moderate generalized anxiety disorder. [1]

Anti-inflammatory Effects

The flavonoids and essential oils such as alpha-bisabolol found in chamomile flowers can reach the deeper skin layers by penetrating the skin surface. This is an important reason why chamomile can be used topically as an anti-inflammation medicine.

Chamomile oil calms dry and irritated skin and can help with allergies, shingles, eczema, and psoriasis.

A research showed that applying German chamomile oil alleviated the signs of dermatitis - like immune alterations on mice. [2]

Relieves Menstrual Cramps

The anti-spasmodic effects of German chamomile can be useful to relive menstruation pain and cramps. To relieve menstrual cramps, add two drops of German chamomile oil in your sitz bath.

Side Effects of German Chamomile

Take caution if you have a ragweed allergy. Chamomile can alleviate the symptoms of ragweed allergies. Avoid ingesting chamomile if you are using blood thinners.



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