Green tea is definitely an acquired taste. First timers are more likely to get disappointed by the bitter, astringent taste of the tea.

Tannins found in green tea and the unfermented leaves are to blame for its natural bitterness. Other teas such as black and oolong are subjected to varying degrees of oxidation, which gives them their taste. Your green tea might be tasting bitter for other reasons too.

What can you do about it?

So, you want to get the health benefits, but can’t bear the taste of green tea? You can always take the matter into your own hands and bring in the add-ins to tweak the flavor to your liking.

Adding honey and lemon in green tea to taste better

10 Add-Ins to Add to Your Green Tea for Better Taste

1. Lemon - Not only will adding lemon make your green tea taste great, but it also gives you extra benefits. Add half a cup of raw lemon juice to your next cup for a citrusy taste.

2. Honey -Try adding some honey to your green tea for a sweet and delicious beverage.

3. Mint -Mint has a slightly sweet taste and is naturally refreshing. You can make yourself a cool afternoon iced green tea by adding half a cup of fresh mint leaves.

4. Fruit Juice - For a fruity twist to your bland green tea, add some fruit juice to it. Any fruit juice of your choice will do. Cherry and cranberry juice work well!

5. Basil - Steep a fresh or dried basil leaf in your green tea for a calming drink. Fresh basil works best.

6. Tapioca pearls - Fancy yourself a bubble green tea? Then, go on and add some tapioca pearls to your tea. These pearls taste best with jasmine green tea and make a great jasmine bubble tea.
You can find tapioca pearls in any Asian grocery store or you can order them online.

7. Ginger - Chop two half-inch pieces of ginger and boil in water. Let it simmer for a few minutes and add green tea. Ginger also tastes great with iced green tea.

8. Milk - You can make a delicious, creamy latte by adding milk to matcha green tea powder. Matcha latte tastes great hot as well as iced.

9. Mango with calendula flowers - Peel a mango into 3mm slices and let then dry for 24 hours. Mix the dried mango and green tea leaves with calendula flowers in a bowl. Use this mix to brew yourself a light fruity tea.

10. Stevia with lemon - Instead of adding sugar to green tea, you can add few drops of liquid stevia and accentuate the taste with lemon.



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